Dry Mesic MCM Inter-seeding – Mix 13/ Acre




This mix meets Indiana NRCS Specifications for mid-contract management inter-seeding on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) practices on dry mesic (moderately well drained and well drained) soils. This mix may be used on the following CRP Practices: CP2, CP21, CP23/23A, CP33, CP38E, and CP42. It contains 16 species.
Wildflowers (#s): Alum Root (0.003), Foxglove Beardtongue (0.01), Wild Bergamot (0.01), Prairie Cinquefoil (0.01), Grayheaded Coneflower (0.03), Culver’s Root (0.005), Evening primrose (0.1), Gray Goldenrod (0.005), Fragrant Giant Hyssop (0.01), Illinois Bundleflower (0.2), Pale Spike Lobelia (0.003), Partridge Pea (0.25), Purple Prairie Clover (0.04), White Prairie Clover (0.04), Black-eyed Susan (0.07), Brown-eyed Susan (0.05).
Soil Suitability: MWD-WD