LaPorte County Soil & Water Conservation District - Nicole Messacar, Education Coordinator and Sheila Batchelor, Office Manager

Please consider purchasing an affiliate membership for your business, classroom, school or as an individual. Topsoil Level Membership is a $30 – $99 donation. Subsoil Level Membership is a $100 – $199 donation. Parent Material Level Membership is a $200 – $299 donation, and Bedrock Level Membership is $300+ donation. Our members are very important to us, and we recognize them at all of our public events, in all of our publications, and on our website. We also welcome their assistance and partnership in our events.

The staff and supervisors of LaPorte County Soil and Water Conservation district would like to sincerely thank the following members for their ongoing support of our education programs:

Bedrock Members

Parent Material Members

Subsoil Members

Topsoil Members

If you are interested in becoming a member, please CLICK HERE  to visit our membership application page.