Stormwater Quiz

Test your knowledge of water quality and stormwater management.

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1. What part of LaPorte County do you live in?
City of LaPorteLaPorte CountyTown of Trail CreekCity of Michigan CityTown of Long BeachTown of Michiana ShoresOutside of LaPorte County

2. In an effort to understand if we are reaching our target audience, we would like to know which description best fits you:
Teacher/EducatorStudentConstruction/DevelopmentOther Business affected by stormwater regulationsGovernment Employee affected by stormwater regulationsConcerned Citizen

3. Do you live in a watershed?

4. Which of the following pollutants can be found in stormwater runoff?
SedimentBacteriaNutrientsHeatOil and GreaseAll of the Above

5. Where would you find this marker?

Next to a storm drainIn a corn fieldNext to a sanitary sewer manholeNone of the above

6. Which is an example of stormwater runoff?
Rainwater running into a storm drain in the roadRainwater running off of a farm fieldSnowmelt running into storm drains or ditchesAll of the aboveA & C only

7. A BMP is a Best Management Practice to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff. Please mark the best location for each BMP listed below:

Bioretention Area

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

Rain Garden

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

Oil-Water Separator

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

Rain Barrel

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

Silt Fence

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

Concrete Washout Area

HomeBusinessConstruction Area

8. Which of the following do you think are safe to let run into a storm sewer?

Waste Oil




Grass Clippings


Soapy Water from Washing Your Car


Dirty Water from Construction Site


Clean Water


9. All storm drains flow to a treatment plant where the stormwater is treated before it goes into a river or stream.

10. I need to dispose of expired medicine and some old paint thinner. What is the best way to get rid of them?
Dump them down a storm drainFlush them down the toiletPut them in the trashTake them to a Household Hazardous Waste drop-off location

11. If a home or business has a septic system, how often should the septic tank be pumped?
NeverEvery 3 yearsEvery 10 yearsOnly when it backs up

12. Choose all of the following you have participated in over the past year:
River clean-upsAdopt-a-road litter collectionRecyclingVolunteer water monitoringStorm drain markingHousehold Hazardous Waste drop-offsOther