Consider becoming a trained Volunteer Seed Collector with the Pollinator Partnership’s Project Wingspan. This is a great opportunity to help create and restore habitat for the imperiled Monarch Butterfly and Rusty patched bumblebee!

Seed Collecting for Monarchs and the Endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee! (PDF)

Our Conservation Champions sign up for one year and are required to help with a minimum of one event per year. Like members, volunteers are recognized in every publication we produce. Since we have a small staff, Conservation Champions are a huge asset to us.

By signing up as a volunteer, you are adding yourself to our contact list for future projects/activities. Signup does not guarantee a suitable project; rather, it indicates to your local SWCD that you are ready and willing to help when the need arises!

Current Need: We are looking for volunteers to help us clean up and maintain our community gardens. This includes initial spring maintenance, cleanup prior to the county fair, and other maintenance days through the season.