Blizzard Buster (25# bag)




1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres.
Blizzard Buster is the 800-pound gorilla of winter food and cover mixes.  This 5 grain and 4 tall forage sorghum blend provides maximum shelter and food for game birds in tough winter weather, especially when established in large plots.  Planting near existing winter cover will enhance the character of that habitat and improve bird survival.
Mix components:  A blend of five grain and four forage sorghums.  Grain Sorghums include PDQ Brand Blend, 366×73 (Dual purpose hybrid).  Forage sorghums include Rox Orange, Hegari, Coes, VNS Hyb. FS varieties.
Planting considerations:  Establish with row planters, grain drills, or broadcast seeders in well-drained areas when soils warm to 60 degrees.  Concep treated for improved weed control. Follow label.